Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

The 125 lb. ABC and Purple K, and 150 lb. direct pressure wheeled fire extinguishers, utilize a 23 cubic foot nitrogen cylinder with a “quick opening brass valve” to pressurize and completely discharge the agent cylinder.

The compact size and 16″ semi-pneumatic tires allow easy maneuvering and operation by one person, through narrow doorways and aisles. A four-inch stainless steel fill opening with rugged chrome plated brass cap makes servicing easier. For large hazards choose the 300 lb. ABC or Purple K or 350 lb. Direct Pressure extinguishers with a “quick opening” 55 cubic foot nitrogen cylinder. They provide quality and economical fire protection, large volume capacity for extra high hazard areas with single person transport and operation. The 36″ x 6″ wide steel wheels make movement possible in sandy or soft soil.

Wheeled Extinguisher Catalog