Physical Distance Removable Table & Equipment Labels

Distancing policies and procedures may continue to be a part of our everyday lives for some time to come.

The need to increase spacing for customers and employees in the workplace or retail environment will be an important part of this. INCOM manufacturers these short-term removable adhesive labels that can be applied to a wide variety of hard surfaces to help give guidance to people on what not to use. The labels have an aggressive, but removable adhesive that should adhere well to most hard surfaces. The labels are over-laminated for protection and to improve durability if they need to be cleaned. Common uses would be in restaurants, gyms, medical offices, retail stores and office workplaces. As with any adhesive product, we recommend that you only apply these to hard surfaces and test in an inconspicuous location prior to use for your intended application. Labels are sold 25/pkg.

DEC200 – STOP DO NOT USE Removable Adhesive Durable Stickers (25/pkg) (5.125″ Dia.)

DEC201 – ATTENTION : NE PAS UTILISER Removable Adhesive Durable Stickers (25/pkg) (5.125″ Dia.)

Custom text and graphic options also available. Contact us for more details.