Safety Programs

Safety Source Industrial Inc. was founded to provide a core competency of delivering tailored safety programs to the Canadian market. We hope to share our unique and innovative solutions that incorporate our strong existing supplier partner relations.

Working with partners such as 3M | Scott Safety, we can provide solutions on fully developed Breathing Air Programs, including providing assets, maintenance, technicians and support on a continual basis. We can provide factory-trained Breathing Air Technicians to work onsite and manage Breathing Air Programs for your organization.

The benefits of having a Breathing Air Program through Safety Source Industrial Inc. include our drive to expand on our new venture and the experience of our sister company, Safety Source Fire, which has over 50 years experience with specialist fire breathing air products.

We want to make a safe working environment for all Canadians and are happy to discuss any size of program and develop a plan of action to address your specific needs.

Please contact us to setup an initial assessment regarding your industrial safety program needs.